Invitation Case Study:  Dallas + Josh's Wedding | 1.25.20

Personalized details breathe life into your wedding art. We can tell your story through something as seemingly simple as an invitation - creating a lasting memory that is uniquely symbolic and custom to the two of you.


This is a case study of my own save the date and wedding invitation suite. I went nuts (in the best way) branding our event - adding special elements wherever possible. I had so much to say visually, to communicate the amount of love I felt for my then-fiance-now-husband and the last 10 years we spent building our lives together. A basic design just wouldn't cut it. After we settled on our venue (The 1909) and date (1.25.20) - I knew our theme:  Artsy-Bohemian-Vintage-Lunar-New-Year-Topanga-Canyon-Hipster. But because that's crazytown to say, we shortened it to Artsy Boho / Lunar New Year.


I had so much fun creating our wedding art. This is the stuff I love most - and I'd love create art for your love, too.

♥ Dallas

My husband's handwriting

My handwriting

Gold foil to hint at Lunar New Year + fanciness


Vintage stamps handpicked from a friend's collection

A moon hidden in the oranges - symbols of  Lunar New Year

IMG_2799 copy.png

Custom monogram inspired by traditional Chinese stamps 

Original painting printed on canvas paper wraps 

Chinese double happiness symbol

Dried baby's breath, from a bouquet I caught in 2016

Swallowtail butterfly stamp for Topanga Canyon vibes

IMG_2799 copy.png

Venue map printed on the inside of the invitation wrap - beauty and function!